Griff Godwin
Chief Financial Officer

Griff Godwin is an LSU graduate and CPA who has spent much of his career helping different types of organizations fulfill their mission. In 2015 he was excited to take the role of chief financial officer of the GHBA. He has enjoyed getting to know the wonderful staff and many of the members, all of whom in some way spend their days working towards creating and improving housing opportunities for residents of the Houston area. Griff and his wife Dinah got some-firsthand experience when they used a great GHBA remodeler to rebuild their home after it was severely damaged by Hurricane Harvey!

Griff and his wife are proud of their two daughters, both of whom have finished college and started careers of their own. Anna is a social worker at an elementary school in Austin, and Sarah works for a university in Philadelphia. Now as “empty-nesters” (except for their cats Calvin and Jackson) they like to explore sites and events in Houston and elsewhere. A favorite travel destination is visiting state capitols and presidential libraries. Griff and Dinah have been to quite a few, and hope to see more of these in the future! Griff has also enjoyed spending time in Vermont and New York, where his wife has many friends and family members.

For Griff, music has always been an important part of his life. He presently plays trumpet in a community band, and always likes to hear and learn about many different types of music. He also likes to play tennis occasionally.

Griff appreciates the many GHBA members who, in addition to promoting their own business and industry, also volunteer their skills to aid other important agencies in the area through various council projects, the Benefit Homes Project, and HomeAid. He himself is presently volunteering as treasurer for the Coalition for the Homeless, one of the lead agencies in Houston in the battle against homelessness.