Brittany Feldmann
Editor / Publisher

Brittany began her career with the GHBA in 2000 as the part-time editor, while attending college at Rice University. After graduation, she came on full-time and was soon promoted to director of communications, handling all of GHBA’s print titles, website and digital marketing.

“I was always obsessed with reading, and had my nose stuffed in a book for most of my childhood. In high school I discovered photography and that became my new fascination,” says Brittany. “When I stumbled on the job at GHBA, it was a perfect fit and I’m so happy that this position has grown and evolved with me for so many years.”

She moved to the Windy City in 2007, and took on a contractor role for the association. She visits Houston often to see family and tries to make an appearance at her favorite event, the GHBA BBQ Cookoff, whenever possible.

She now lives in downtown Chicago with her longtime boyfriend, Keith. She is a self-proclaimed design nerd, HGTV addict, and hot sauce connoisseur. She loves snow days, bold cabernets, crawfish, and Texans football (with the Bears taking a close second place). “People always ask me how I can stand the frigid Chicago winters. While I do miss my Texas friends, I definitely do not miss the sweltering summers… or all the bugs!” she says.

In her spare time, Brittany is an Instagram dog ‘momager’ for @good_boy_milo_. Milo had humble beginnings in a hoarding house situation with nearly 50 other dogs. He’s now living his best life and serves as director of HR & security for Britt’s home office, where he dutifully welcomes all guests, carefully monitors office activity, and frequently earns the “employee of the month” distinction.

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