Tacoma Energy



Tacoma Energy is the one stop shop for builders, homeowners and energy raters. We are a leader in obtaining the 45L Energy Efficient Home tax credit (over $30 million accrued in 2020) with our expert staff and DOE approved software. Tacoma Energy’s staff has been involved in the energy efficiency industry since the mid-1990s and is an Accredited Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) Rater Provider and all staff members are RESNET Certified Energy Auditors.

Our services also include training, testing, managing, manual J, D, and S calculations for heating ventilation and air conditioning, energy modeling through performance, and building code support.

Tacoma Energy’s beliefs are built on one philosophy, that the consumer should be able to get what service they want, when they want it and at a fair price.

To learn more, visit: tacomaenergy.org/

Contact: Nate Reynolds (614) 956-6052 nate@tacomaenergy.org