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REHAU is the premium worldwide brand for polymer-based innovations and systems in construction, automotive, and industry. Our 20,000 employees produce a product range that encompasses the building envelope, mechanical systems, and millwork solutions. We are uniquely qualified to help you and your design team optimize building performance and interiors.

REHAU Window Systems offers a range of designs engineered with outstanding structural, thermal, acoustical, and impact performance. An array of color choices are available on the hung-slider designs, various options for patio doors, to the advanced European-style tilt-turn windows. The outstanding properties of our uPVC window and door systems deliver thermal performance that drives energy efficiency, perceived noise reduction of 90 to 95 percent, and hurricane ratings for impact and pressure for many residential, mixed-use, hospitality, multifamily, light commercial applications.

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Contact: Scott Maxwell, Business Development Manager, Southern USA (626) 272-3528