The Kikgard Shield was invented and patented by J.R. Hudson to solve the security problem with wooden doorjambs. The idea came from 36 years of service as a Houston police officer, crime prevention specialist and a certified locksmith.

While doors and locks have made great improvements over the years, the doorjamb has gone virtually unchanged. The unique design of the Kikgard Shield makes it extremely strong, low cost, invisible, and conveniently installed at the door shop. Now every door can come with an effective doorjamb reinforce that completes the door locking system. The builder simply requests the Kikgard Shield on their next door order and the doors arrive on the jobsite with the Kikgard completely installed.

Builders can increase their home’s security package, protect the home during construction phase and the life of their new homeowners. The Kikgard Shield has a lifetime warranty and is transferable to future homeowners.

There is no better or more cost effective way to solve the doorjamb problem. Many home builders and muilti-family builders are already using the Kikgard Shield.

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