Kaizer Anthony Inc

Kaizer Anthony, Inc.



Kaizer Anthony Inc. is a Houston-based real estate developer, specializing in high-end residential, multifamily, and mix-use development.
Kaizer Anthony is the brainchild of Matrix Commercial Inc, a Houston-based construction and facilities company with more than 14 years’ experience in commercial construction.

Currently, the company is developing new properties in several Inner Loop areas of Houston and surrounding communities. Kaizer Anthony provides its clients with quality homes and post-construction maintenance programs that are second-to-none.

At Kaizer Anthony we understand the convenience of technology in modern homes. We build smart homes equipped with practical technological features that include home security, lighting, audio-visual entertainment components, access control, remote surveillance, and energy controls that allow upgrades without the need for significant modification.

We pride ourselves in understanding the specific needs of each client and developing unique building solutions to meet those needs.

To learn more, visit: www.kaizeranthony.com

Contact: Adaora Ifeanyi (832) 649-3041 info@kaizeranthony.com