Francis Lottie Steel Doors and Windows

Frances Lottie Steel Doors and Windows



Specializing in both residential and commercial projects, Frances Lottie constructs and installs high-quality steel doors, windows and architectural elements.

Matt Stassi and Stanton Scott and their team at Frances Lottie Steel Doors and Windows operate with a focus on quality materials and excellence in craftsmanship. Whether modern or traditional, they fabricate unique, timeless products in a variety of architectural styles with a focus on custom builds according to individual client specifications. All doors and windows are field measured prior to order to ensure accuracy.

Our deep knowledge base—including major renovations, interior design, architecture, building configuration and layouts, ensures that your installation will work with the house around it to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. To date, we have built more than 1 million sq. ft. of commercial and residential projects in addition to being in high demand as a consultant and strategic advisor. With a reputation for trustworthiness, Frances Lottie has cultivated relationships across the industry through his builds in Dallas, Kansas City, Chicago, Houston, Atlanta, Denver, New York, Baton Rouge, Austin and New Orleans. He can provide clients with access to interior designers, architects, landscape architects, as well as other artisans in each market to create complete realizations of each client’s vision.

Frances Lottie takes pride in their craft. Whether partnering with an interior design firm, homeowner, architect or business, the company places top value on partnerships and relationships. If you are in need of exceptional steel doors, windows or architectural elements, contact us for more information.

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