Bullbag Corporation



The BullBag holds up to 10 cubic yards of material (4,500 lbs) and can handle any job, big or small. Pay by height, not weight!

Each BullBag comes with a lifetime guarantee – a reusable dumpster on demand. The BullBag can be set-up quickly in places a metal dumpster can’t go (over a fence, inside a garage) and disposed without damaging the property. A BullBag driver will be onsite within 24 to 72 business hours from placing an order. After the disposal, your BullBag is reset or rolled for storage and future use.

You fill it, we dump it, you keep it. BullBag is dedicated to making sure our customers don’t waste time (or money) on waste!

To learn more, visit: www.thebullbag.com/

Contact: Tony Hernandez (832) 977-5298 saleshouston02@thebullbag.com