Barricade Building Products



Barricade® Building Products is a leading manufacturer of building materials. With a focus on house wrap, structural sheathing, roof underlayment, and tapes and flashing, Barricade takes pride in the delivery of superior service, high performance, and timeless innovation.

Over 35 years strong, Barricade Building Products has gained recognition as an industry leader. In 1986, Barricade became the second company to introduce house wrap. Barricade has positioned itself to not only provide high-performance products, but to foster long-term relationships, inspire collaborative best practice sharing, and continuously set the stage for company growth.

That, matched with an employee culture of pride and opportunity, Barricade provides products made with dependability and life-long service, backed by a team you can trust.

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Contact: Darcy Overby (952) 221-7025