New COH Floodplain Permit Procedures

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The City of Houston (COH) Floodplain Management Office (FMO) has added an additional method for permitting of flood damaged, single family homes that are located in the floodplain and will cost more than $10,000 to repair it to pre-damaged condition. In addition to the previously used NFIP Proof of Loss or Final Report and the COH Project Cost Estimate Form, the FMO has developed the Floodplain Flood Damage Repair Form. They have introduced this form to make it easier for homeowners to apply for a floodplain permit to repair their flood damage.

Along with a building permit application and the required information for a building permit, homeowners can choose to fill out this form instead of submitting a cost estimate and appraisal or insurance claim information.

For many flood damaged homes, FMO can use information on the form to complete a FEMA Substantial Damage Estimate in the office without physically inspecting the flood damaged home. However, some homes may require a field inspection or insurance cost estimate to be issued a floodplain Development Permit.


Please note that additional permit requirements shall apply to properties that are determined to be substantially damaged by FMO. It should also be noted that a building permit and other trade permits may also be required to repair flood damage. The permit issued, if any, will be for repairs only. If improvements or modifications are planned, additional information will be required.

Homeowners or contractors should complete this form and go to either the Houston Permitting Center Main Office at 1002 Washington or one of the satellite offices. Temporary satellite offices have been opened and are scheduled to open in locations across the city. These offices handle flood repair permits only.

PERMIT OFFICES | EXTENDED HOURS | Mon. – Fri., 7:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.

Main Office*, 1002 Washington Ave., 77002

Permanent Satellite Locations*

Kingwood Office, 3915 Rustic Woods Dr., 77339
Clear Lake Office, 1335 Regents Park Dr. #130, 77058: (8 a.m. – 5 p.m.)
Northwest Office, 10555 Northwest Fwy #148, 77092

*All other services will be available during regular business hours.

Temporary Satellite Locations**

Southwest Multi-Service Center, 6400 High Star Dr., 77074
Kashmere Multi-Service Center, 4802 Lockwood Dr., 77026 (Only Mon.-Tue.)
Sagemont Church Annex, 11600 Hughes Rd., 77089 (Opens Oct. 9)
Street & Drainage Maintenance Office, 5500 N. McCarty St., 77013 (Only Fri., Opens Oct. 6)
The Shops at Memorial City, 825 Frostwood Dr., 77024 (Only Wed. – Thu., Opens Oct. 4)

**For flood repair permits ONLY.