GHBA’s Annual Scholarship Program

GHBA’s Scholarship Program, presented annually by the Associate Council, provides assistance to members’ children in pursuing a college degree.

These scholarships are made possible through the donations of generous association members. All funds donated go directly to student scholarships.

Scholarship Eligibility: Every employee of a member company is eligible for their child to apply.
Deadline: August 7, 2017

Apply for the 2017 Scholarship

Can You Help?

Donations for the 2017 calendar year are kindly requested by August 7, 2017


We think you should donate, and here’s why:

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    It's a Write-Off

    This is a tax deductible donation to the GHBA Charitable Foundation. (Tax ID # 46-4656185)

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    It's All for the Kids

    Donations of any amount are accepted and greatly appreciated! Every penny goes directly to student scholarships.

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    We'll Say Nice Things About You

    All contributors will be recognized in Houston Builder magazine. Contributors of $3,000 or more will have one scholarship presented in your honor, named for you and/or your company.

Past Scholarship Recipients

GHBA wishes you all the best in your bright futures ahead!

2016 GHBA scholarship winnersRead about last year’s winners

Now it’s your turn to apply!


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    Be a high school senior or college student

    High school seniors and students enrolled in a four-year college are eligible to apply.

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    Be the child of a GHBA member

    A “member” includes any employee of a GHBA member company.

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    Apply on time

    The deadline is August 4, 2017

2017 Scholarship Application

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